Painless install

Install our script in 2 steps and track right away, it takes less than 10 seconds. JSLogger will not modify your code or harm other scripts in any way.

Log and debug later

From now on you can spy on all the errors that break your site's user experience. Every Javascript error will be caught and brought to you for later debuging.

Monitor your user activity

Track every important click or other gesture that a user can make on your site. Check how many people clicked that Log In button.

Keep your logs in our cloud

We store your logs for you safely in our cloud. This way your servers don't get overloaded with unuseful requests.

Manage your logs

Visit our Web log manager to check the log results. It's fast, simple and secure.

Detailed log info

We keep track of your logs, count them and store valuable info about the client. Check out which browser platform and OS type generate the most errors.

Load from HTTPS

Yes, we support SSL. Load the script from HTTPS so you don't get that annoying browser restrictions anymore.

Multi projects support

Host logs for a couple of projects on the same account. Each project will be recognized by a unique domain or subdomain name.

Real-time search

Search through the entire log list while you type. Everything happens on the same page.

Hidden logs

Filter irrelevant errors like the ones coming from Facebook or Analytics. You can always reveal them later.

E-mail digest

Receive daily report in your inbox on the most predominant errors. It can be turned on or off for each project.

Beautiful charts

Analyze your data with the help of charts. Watch the weekly progress of your logs grouped by platforms and browser types.

Logs on your mobile

Know what's happening inside your app even when you are away from your computer. Our Mobile Web interface is built on jQuery Mobile and supports every major platform out there.

Libraries for any language

Our restfull API gives us the abillity to create libraries for any programming language. We support Javascript and NodeJS for now. New libraries will be hosted on GitHub soon.

Rock-solid architecture

At JSLogger we like to keep up to date. We embrace the new technology and always optimize our code. TravisCI keeps our builds green while we develop with love.

Major browsers support

Browsers compatibility is our strength. We take care of all the major versions out there.

Receive 24/7 support

We are developers as well and we never sleep. Visit our Contact page to give feedback. The fastest way to get our attention is through Twitter.

Stay tunned, more features will come soon...